Programs at Heppner Elementary

Booster Reading Program:

Heppner Elementary School focuses on the importance of early childhood literacy. Our Booster Reading Program was developed to help those students who do not qualify for special education, but still need extra reading instruction to improve their reading ability. Using both the SRA's Corrective Reading and Reading Mastery programs, Ms. Elguezabal, our certified instructor, focuses on small group instruction. Students qualify for this program based off of their DIBELS scores, teacher recommendations, and student performance criterion and observation.

Accelerated Reading/Renaissance Place Programs:

Accelerated Reader (AR) is the world’s most popular reading management program. Accelerated Reader provides teachers detailed, objective data to target instruction and ensure success for every student, regardless of level, from emergent reader to proficient. Each classroom teacher uses AR to set goals, monitor reading, and provide incentives to get students excited about reading. AR has been proven to:

  • Get students excited about books. Accelerated Reader helps focus attention on careful reading of books, which improves students’ critical-thinking skills and builds an intrinsic love of reading.
  • Obtain reliable, objective information. Six different types of quizzes give teachers valuable data on students’ textbook reading, library book reading, literacy skills development, and more.
  • Help every student master standards.Accelerated Reader helps teachers raise scores on state tests and ensure mastery of standards —research proves it!
  • Keep each student challenged. Using AR, we can continuously guide students to appropriate books and curriculum within their zone of proximal development (ZPD). This means you can ensure that every student is challenged without being frustrated.

STAR Reading:

The perfect complement to Accelerated Reader, STAR Reading Renaissance Place allows us to accurately assess the reading levels of our students, measure growth throughout the school year, and predict results on major high-stakes tests. With STAR Reading Renaissance Place, we have the consolidated information we need to help enhance our decision making and manage student achievement.

STAR Reading provides us with:

  • Valuable Information—With STAR Reading, we can determine the appropriate level of challenge for each student, instantly place new students, and identify those who need individual help.
  • Fast Results—STAR Reading provides us with accurate, reliable, norm-referenced reading scores for all students.
  • Useful Reports—With 16 reports, STAR Reading helps us place students in the appropriate reading range, improve school-to-home communications, and monitor individual reading progress.
  • Growth Monitoring—STAR Reading streamlines the testing process. We can administer tests at key times throughout the school year.

After School Time Out For Reading Program:

Books and basketball begin each new year for students in grades 5-6 at Heppner Elementary School. For the past 15 years or so, TIME OUT FOR READING has been a popular reading incentive program with a basketball theme.

The success of the program comes from the fact that what matters is not the number of pages or books a student reads, but the amount of time spent reading. So the slowest reader can be the top prize winner! Providing 5-6 students with at least 30 minutes of AR time each day at school has been a big boost to the program!

Each Monday during the program, a student receives a personalized bookmark and a reading log to record the times. Every minute needs to be accounted for with a signature from an adult present during the reading time. If a reader has 90 minutes or more per week, he/she gets to advance to the next quarter of the game (a bulletin board in the hallway with basketballs!) and receive a little treat. Also each Monday, top times in each homeroom (or every student with 1,000 minutes or more) each win a new book.

In addition to reading as individuals for minutes and prizes, each student is on a team. The captain is responsible for reminding the members to bring their slips on Monday, as that’s when the teams average their minutes for the past week. Team prizes, such as handmade pillowcases, painted rocks, and water bottles are awarded weekly. The top team for the whole program wins a pizza and pop lunch at school.

An evening party is held each year, and this year the 6th graders are invited to stay overnight. The party starts as soon as school is out, and the 5th graders will stay until 9:00 p.m. We read, win little prizes with book questions, read, eat sack dinners, read Calvin and Hobbes books, watch a movie, and read some more! It is a very popular event with about 90% of the students attending.

At the end of the month, all of the times are totaled and it’s time for the prizes! (Mrs. Allen has earned all of the money for the program, over $700, so the school does not spend any funds on TIME OUT FOR READING. The Birthday Bash Company is going to pay for the pizza and pop lunch. Thanks!) For the final event of the month, all of the prizes are displayed and the students get to pick what they want. The top time gets to pick first, and down through the rest of the students. Each student wins a prize.

The kids love the competition, the teamwork, the rewards and the prizes. The best part is that they read more than they ever have in their lives, and hopefully for even one or two kids, that spark will continue to grow in the love of literature.

HEROES Reading

Heppner Elementary Reading Opportunities for Every Student, or HEROES, became part of Heppner Elementary October 2008. 

HEROES is a reading program that brings volunteers from the community in to the school to help children get excited about reading.  Trained and screened volunteers can model good reading habits and encourage the desire for every child to read independently. Since the Accelerated Reader Program is so important at HES, ample time is given for testing to improve the chances of every child reaching their individual goal.

Most volunteers read with the same child one half hour per week in a special part of the library.  Each child is also given one book of their choice per month to take home and keep.  HEROES is funded by the Adopt a Teacher Foundation and the citizens of Heppner.  Questions regarding this program can be directed to Barb Moore.

After School Chess Program:

HES offers an after school Chess program from 3:15-4:15 each Monday from November to March.  First-sixth grade students learn how to play chess and compete in local, regional, and state tournaments.  For more information, please contact Mrs. Elguezabal or Mrs. Sweeney.